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aka Sanique Slay Brows are fine hairlike strokes created with a hand tool that give the illusion of full and fluffy brows.


Ombre Brows

aka Sanique Sexy Brows is a soft-shaded makeup pencil look that creates the illusion of a fuller beautiful brow with a transitioning gradient effect.

Combination Brows

aka Sanique Sassy Brows is a mix of both Microblading hair strokes or Nano hair strokes with ombre micro shading.  Creates the illusion of full, fluffy brows with a hyper-realistic pop.


Nano Brows

aka Sanique Sensual Brows are hair strokes created by machine.  Perfect choice for people with oily skin that like look of microblading.

Lip Blushing

aka Sanique Sultry Lips enhances the color and shape of your lips to give the illusion of fuller beautiful lips.


Lip Liner

aka Sanique Simply Lined enhances the shape of your lips, giving a defined line that resembles a makeup pencil liner.

Lip Neutralization

aka Sanique Slay is a specialized treatment for those with cool or dark lips in which we neutralize the darkness in the lips to reach a desired color. We neutralize your darker lips by cancelling out the original color. 

brow lam.png

Brow Lamination

aka Sanique Smooth straightens and lifts the eyebrow hairs to give a fuller, more even, and thicker look for the brows by brushing them upward, using a specialized solution, and sealing them in place. 

Brow Tint & Shaping

aka Sanique Shades uses a semi-permanent dye to make the eyebrows appear thicker, darker, and fuller by dyeing the hair and slightly coloring the skin underneath.

Lash Lift

aka Sanique Siren is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your natural lashes from the base to the tip with a curling rod and a specialized solution. It creates a natural eye-opening lash swoop that lasts for several weeks.

Lash Tint

aka Sanique Sweet is a procedure where semi-permanent dye is painted onto the eyelashes to make them appear thicker, darker, and fuller. It can boost the appearance and noticeability of lighter-colored lashes.

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